Sunday, February 28, 2010

Confessions of a work-a-holic

Introducing my rediscovered method for "slowing down" and relaxing! I've taken up knitting (after about a 20 year break from it!) This follows Doctors orders to "learn to take it easy" and rest! Nothing to worry about, we are just FINALLY having a baby this year!

So, needless to say we've been a bit pre-occupied over the last few months and have been keeping a bit of a low profile to get through the first trimester.

So I've started knitting a baby cardigan from the Debbie Bliss collections. I am very rusty, but it's all slowly coming back!

I am even tempted to have a go a sewing's only been about 6 years since I did the sewing thing!

I also hope to have a bit more time to get back to blogging again now as I am no longer taking on freelance projects. I've finished my last batch of books, thanks to some help from a fellow blogging/illustrator friend - you know who you are....(thanks again!).

This lovely surprised arrived in the post this week - it's the UK versions of my I'm glad series of books. I'm not sure if I knew they were doing Uk versions or not (it's been a while since I read the contracts!) but it's very exciting!!

So here's to blogging, crafting and getting my life balance back.

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