Saturday, May 14, 2016

A little bit of local life

Well, we have just returned from a fabulous two weeks away in 'Sunny' Queensland. It was so wonderful just to focus on the family without any distractions - just what we needed after a pretty challenging start to the year for our family.

We were welcomed home with a Wintery cold snap (which was a bit of a shock to the system after such warm weather up North!)....

...along with some new additions to the farm!! 

I also came home with a renewed appreciation of the beauty of our gorgeous region and our hometown - Goulburn.

This is good timing as I am currently vying for the opportunity to create some artwork for the local Council. I have been pondering how I can bring my skills to the local Community and I hope this will be my beginning. 

So while we were in town today I took some photos around town to create some reference for my drawings.

Of course I have many more images, but I just loved the lighting and the sky in these. Would you believe I just used the camera on my mobile phone? I was just trying to document, rather than create a beautiful image so I was really happy with these. I am doing lots of sketching this weekend for my deadline (which is next week) so it's really fun to think about all of the great things I love about living here.

This week we have been laying low a bit as we re-adjust to 'normal life' again, and I have even ignored my rather enormous work list for another week. All of this down time has re-ignited a long lost yearning to be more Crafty. I am just desperate to start making things and have a really long list of projects that I am determined to find time for. 

I used to do A LOT of knitting and sewing in my life before having children and I would love to share these skill with my girls, now that they are getting a bit older. They are fascinated by my knitting (as are the chickens) and have already requested all types of hats, scarves and jumpers!!!

I have also borrowed a fabulous collection of books from our local library. (I just LOOOOOOVE our local library! They have a constant stream of NEW and modern books....and they even have some of MY books in there, so that's pretty exciting for me...and my girls!!)

I have also started a PINTEREST board of projects that I hope inspires me into action, so check it out here if you are interested. I have recently had my sewing machines serviced and am ready to go...well almost! I NEED to build my fabric collection up again, so it looks like a wonderful excuse to stock up!!

There are some wonderful things happening on the work front at the moment, but I will save that for another post.

Until next time......x