Sunday, June 27, 2010


Friday was an annual leave day for me, which gave me the opportunity to have a wonderful lunch with the ladies I worked on my latest book series with. We met at this lovely pub on a wet and wintry afternoon. It was so lovely and cosy!

I was thrilled to be presented with a full set of books for my collection. These are for the educational market as they form a teaching program assisting young children who are learning to read.

They've come up beautifully, and it was a great chance for me to do some human characters. Their names are Pip & and Tim, and the Cat and Dog are Tip & Sam. I'm really happy with them and I think they suit the age group.

This was such a big project to take on while working full time. There's x20 books in the series and x6 illustrations per book!

Our time lines were VERY tight and coincided with the first trimester of this pregnancy, when I was feeling pretty rough!

I managed to get another illustrator to help me finish of the last couple of books, and somehow it all came together in the end. It's very satisfying.

This is an independent project published through Learning Logic. What excited me about this opportunity was the chance to create some contemporary readers for the school market. Many of the readers in schools still seem to be so old fashioned and traditional. I hope kids get a bit of a kick out of something a bit more up to date!

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Cry Baby

Can I blame pregnancy hormones for cry baby sessions of late? Let me explain:

5 irrational reasons to cry at work yesterday:

1. Work colleague 1: " You look tired are you OK?"
ME: "Yes just tired". Commence tears.

2. Work colleague 2: " Here - you look like you need this"...hands me chocolate.
ME: Commence tears.

3. Later in the day. Colleague 3: "You look a bit rough today, maybe you should go home early".
ME: Commence tears.

4. Finally get into car for home time.
ME: Cry with relief and don't have to hold back!

5. Pick up husband in city. He's so concerned about how I'm feeling that it makes me cry! (He's so lovely!)

Needless to say was absolutely exhausted yesterday. Slept for 11 hours last night and my morning starts off like this:

1. Cried because yesterdays storm blew all the washing off the line, and it needs to be re-washed.
2. Cried because there's no wood at the back door to keep the fire going.
3. Cried because I can't find 2 pairs of jeans I took away with me last weekend when visiting my parents (no they're not there either!)
4. Cried because there's dishes in the sink that need my attention (of course I will ignore them!)

I think I just need to go back to bed. Thankfully I have an annual leave day today, and am heading off to Daylesford this weekend for a girlie weekend. I hope I'm better company than I've been the last couple of days! Could be just what I need!

Now after all those those tears there are still some things that can make me smile. I love where we live! Check out these early morning shots of our property.

Enjoy your weekend!
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Progress all 'round

We've just had a wonderful long weekend visiting family up in North East Victoria. It was very relaxing and Mum helped me finish off and sew up the cardie I started a few months ago!

Cute huh? It still needs some buttons, but I wanted to see if I can get some wooden ones. She also tried to teach me to crochet, but let's just say I should stick with the knitting!!

In the meantime my husband's wonderful parents spent the weekend at our house finishing off the painting! Now that's dedication! We decided to go with the Aqua after all.

Thanks for your comments and feedback. I think it balances nicely with the grey. Can't wait to start the decorating.

The floors are also done! Looks great doesn't it.

It obviously just finishes things off. We also picked up some second hand baby stuff from some friends on the weekend, so things are starting to take shape.

Here's a few more brand new arrivals!

I bought a mix of fabrics after discovering this great on-line etsy store! I have no idea what I'll do with it, but I was just drawn to the colours.

I've also decided on a finishing up date for work - only two weeks away now, so that takes me up to the end of this month, and 8 weeks out from our due date. I'm starting to really feel the effects of all the travel to Melbourne every week and am getting pretty tired (and crabby) these days!

Funnily enough, last week at my Monday night swimming classes (for preggers chicks) I overheard a conversation between two Mums finishing up work 3 weeks before their due date. They were a little worried about what on earth they are going to do with themselves for those weeks! It made me smile. I can't wait to slow down and spend those wonderful weeks preparing myself and our home for our exiting new arrival.

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Monday, June 7, 2010

Does this help?

I needed to see these colours with some of the accessories I've already bought for the room. The floor will be wooden floor boards and this mat is actually quite small, but the wall colour is working better with this mix of colour next to it.

The only other temptation at the moment is to maybe go a darker grey?

I'm not sold on this. I've always wanted a bright nursery and I think the first image certainly reflects that!! It's growing on me!
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TA DA!....well almost!

Introducing the beautiful final colour chosen for our feature wall! It's gorgeous in the paint tin....

...then the REAL work begins....

...then the nerves set in.... slightly uneasy about it used on such a large scale. But then it's only one wall. The two next to it are in a soft grey and the fourth wall is stone. I am hoping the colour will go slightly darker on the second coat - it's brighter than I thought it would end up. It's hard to judge though as the look and feel will change as the floor goes down and all the furniture and decoration gets added.

Then again....if I'm going to change my mind this is the week to decide! Ooohhhh, what to do! Any thoughts?
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