Monday, July 21, 2014


Wow - another month gone by and no blogging! I am still soooooo busy! Let's see if I can preview some of the madness going on around here!

First of all my BRAND NEW book was released this month! It's a follow up to the wonderfully successful book Wash Your Face In Orange Juice featuring songs from the one and only: Peter Combe. 

Obviously it comes with a CD of his songs too.

I really loved working on this one. It's full of more great characters and the colours really POP!

Another new release this month is this latest Ella & Olivia. (Actually the title was released as FLOWER POWER so this image needs updating!)

(I am sure I say this every time but this one is my favourite one in the series so far!)
I have completed another one and a half new Ella & Olivia books since this release, so it's great to keep this wonderful series ticking along!

I am also working on an exciting new (secret) project that has been taking up all of my time of late. I am really enjoying all of the new challenges that this project brings and it's allowed me to get a bit more 'hands-on' to create hand drawn artwork using markers and pens. Here's the tiniest teaser of some reject roughs!

What else?...I have more READERS underway....I work on these in lots of five at a time, so it's quite time consuming too. These latest batch of stories are particularly charming and have created some really fun illustration opportunities. (Am loving the snails at the moment!)

...and more?...I can't give too much away on this one either, but I have a series of kids activity sheets that I really need to get done soon too!...if only I did not HAVE TO SLEEP!

...and then there's my most important (and FULL TIME!) job. My gorgeous girls! Aren't they delightful?! 

So do you see why I don't get a lot of blogging time?...and I wouldn't have it any other way! I feel so lucky!

...oh and the Lilla Rogers Bootcamp assignments? A distant memory. Something had to give and unfortunately it was the course. I hope I can get back to completing some of the work in my own time. Lilla is also launching her amazing GLOBAL TALENT SEARCH next month. I would love to have a go at this one, (just for the experience) but I am really not sure I can squeeze it in!!! Maybe next year??!!...must go...more work to do! x