Monday, May 31, 2010

Baby Blankets

I told you she was clever! My mum has finished a couple of blankets for the new baby. I'd like to learn to crochet actually! Must get her to give me a lesson.

I just love the colours.....hhhhmmm that reminds me. Only three days left to decide on wall colours for the nursery! Eeeek! Lucky I work better under pressure, hey?!

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Photo Fest

I met up with my sister in the city (Melbourne) on Saturday morning for a wander through the lane ways. It's been AGES since I've done that and we had a lovely morning.

We came across a lovely collection of cup cake decoration kits. Yet another reason I have to learn to bake! There's plenty more to choose from on their website here.

I was stopped in my tracks by this stunning store called Bison Australia and their website makes me want to work there! Check it out here. Of course all I could think about was applying some of these lovely colours to the nursery.

I'm loving the orange actually. I wonder if I have the courage to use it on one of the nursery walls.

I did manage to pick up a few extra items for the nursery that fit nicely into the colour scheme.

I'll frame the set of four greeting cards I picked up. The blanket was on special. And I have no idea what I'll make with the fabric! I just loved the print, and the colours fitted the nursery theme!

Now I know you wont quite believe this, but this beautiful new table is also destined for the nursery! and it gets worse. I intend it to be the change table!

I just wanted something that we'd use again long after the need to change nappies!

Here's a bit of a close up view. I PROMISE to make a special cover to protect the surface, and I'll take extra care of it! We also picked up three lovely stools that we've been needing for the kitchen bench too. I promise they will STAY in the kitchen.

So, with all this talk of nursery stuff, I'm starting to feel we are running out of time to get things underway. We're heading into a REALLY busy period of having something on almost every weekend now for the next 4-5 weekends, so today it was time to make some progress.

The cupboards had to come out as they are too close to the door - and, well let's face it - they're pretty ugly! There was so much "stuff" to pack up and we managed to move it all out into the the newly renovated shed!)

We converted what used to be a horse stable into a storage shed and moved all of our old cupboards into it for safe storage. The amazing thing about this is that my husband somehow managed to do all of the heavy lifting on his own!! He somehow managed to works some magic with a wonderful trolley that he invested in from Bunnings - worth every cent I'd say.

So, we still need to pull up the carpet, but we may have some visitors in the coming weeks so we'd better leave the bed in until the last minute.

We've ordered some floor boards that should be ready to be installed within a couple of weeks, but I really wanted to paint first.

Hhhhmmmm, I'd better make some decisions on some colours!
Is it rude to ask our visitors to pick up a paint brush and give us a hand?!!

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

First belly teaser!

Just wanted to share a bit of a peek at my little tummy! See how it pops out over the top of the book? Makes me smile as glance down to follow the pattern I am knitting.

Knitting has been a wonderful way to help me slow down and relax. It's quite therapeutic and not too much of a brain strain either!

I'm still feeling really well, but am starting to get tired a little more easily these days. I am still working full time and traveling into Melbourne two days a week, and I'd have to admit that I'm virtually going straight to bed as soon as we get home - at around 7pm! (Mind you, we leave home at 5:30am, so it's a long day at the best of times!)

It's the kind of tired that leaves me so shattered I can barely hold myself up to sit in a chair. It's quite a bizarre feeling. I'm sleeping really well too! It's been great to give in to things when your body just screams at you to take things easy, rest or slow down. I realise now how much we normally just push our bodies to the limits and ignore any warning signs to slow down or take it easy. Now I am loving just giving in to it and giving myself permission to just put the feet up whenever I can.

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Reality Check - WEEK 26

We are now part way through week 26 in the pregnancy and I’ve had a bit of a reality check! I’ve been in denial about the actual birth process and not sure whether to just ignore it and take my chances, or if I should do all the research I can to try to prepare myself!

Well I was getting some wood from the woodshed for our fire recently, when I picked the wrong piece of wood from the stack. It caused a mini avalanche from the higher stacking which resulted in a large block falling from above my head right onto the top of my foot.

It hurt so much that I was not sure if I was going to be sick or pass out. I did manage to get back to the safety of my couch though where I recovered pretty quickly.

Naturally this got me thinking about how on earth I am going to have a baby if I can’t even cope with an injury pain!

So I decided it was time to hit the books!

Having skim read them all, here's my conclusion:
It’s really difficult to prepare for something that you just can’t comprehend! I can’t help feeling that all this advice and preparation is all well and good for your second child, but it’s hard to take it in for the first go at this!

So I will continue to focus on keeping fit and healthy and enjoying the increased movement and kicking of our lovely little baby. We have a Friday night ritual where we tuck up in bed together and my husband reads aloud (from this book) the corresponding week of pregnancy that we are up to. It tells us what’s happening this week with the development of both baby and me. It’s been a lovely way for us to enjoy the milestone of each week closer to meeting our baby.

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

I had a lovely "Mother-to-be" day for Mothers Day last weekend and got some extra smiles from people when I wore this lovely gift out to our cafe lunch! We are around the 6 month mark now and it made me feel extra special!

I visited the Craft Alive show in Bendigo today and as expected it was a bit too traditional and nana-ish for me. Having said that, now that I've done my colour board for the nursery I see things everywhere in the colour palette I like!

I seem to have a thing for ribbons and ric rac at the moment! I also loved these cute animal cookie cutters. They hand made in Australia by a Ballarat based business called BISK-ART. Can't wait to try them out (um...of course I have to learn how to bake first!)

These lovely books arrived in the post and prompted another visit to the Bendigo Woolen mill to top up some supplies. I've never crocheted before, but if I'm ever going to start then these books have inspired me. I know I should finish my current project before taking on another, but I've almost finished knitting the cardie, and I need my expert Mothers' help to finish it off (with the neck band and sewing it all together!)

Ok - so time for a nursery update. The rocking chair and the lamp have now arrived and last weekend we visited IKEA for some inspiration. I fell in love with this cool Moose! You attach it to the wall an hang things from it! I just love it. We also picked up a great floor rug but I could not find an image to share with you.

We finished weather-proofing the shed today (well, I say WE but of course I mean my husband!) and we are now ready to start moving things out of the spare room! (I've had to cram some of my crafty things into a corner in our bedroom for now.) Hopefully we can clear the room for next weekend, and then we have some cupboards to pull out, and carpet to rip up...(again, of course, when I say WE I mean my husband!)

I can't wait to get some colour on the walls, so hopefully I can start to share some of the BEFORE shots of the room as we progress into the transformation!
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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Early beginnings

Mood board time! I ducked into town today to grab a few things to get my mood boards underway. Bunnings was a great start, where I picked up some great colour chips to inspire me, along with some lovely test colour paint.

I tested the paint colours on some canvas board to get an idea of how they come up on a reasonably large area. Once we get going in the spare room I'll prop them up in there to see how the light effects them. I've already decided that the red will only be highlight colour in decorative elements in the room, but some of the other colours show some potential to make it onto the walls. (Not sure about going the all white walls I had first planned).

I also dropped by Spotlight where a found a gorgeous mix of buttons and ribbons.

Check out the before and after shot below and note with envy my brand new hot glue gun! I've always wanted one, but wasn't quite sure why - UNTIL I used it! What fun!! I'm now desperate to find something else to glue! (Sorry about the image quality.)

We've also started to make our first purchases for the nursery.
So far we’ve managed to order THIS fabulous chair!

I just could not stop thinking about since seeing it on line, and we found this store in Melbourne that had a sample one for us to check out. We had to place an order for it and it should arrive in a few weeks. I’m really excited about it - although it’s kind of amusing that our first baby purchase is more about me than the baby!

I’ve also tracked down a cheaper alternative to that Japanese lantern I fell in love with, when I spotted the above image in the latest Real Living magazine! The store is called Papier D'Amour and you must check out the lovely blog, unless you're lucky enough to live in Sydney where you can just visit the store! I could not find the lanterns in the online shop, so I rang the Sydney store and ordered a mix of colours and sizes for the room. The staff were fantastically helpful and were so quick to help me that the lanterns have already arrived on my doorstep! They're perfect, but I could not get a good photo of them to share with you. I'm also seriously loving the use of grey.....hhmmm...something to think about.

I also fell in love with this cute lamp following a comment from Fi regarding Aero designs! ( I still can’t find the tree though, so I may have to visit the store...although I'm a little over the tree trend....AND OWLS!)

Now just to put a bit of a cap on the spending (and in some small way try to justify the decadent purchase of the rocking chair!) we've decided not to give into our every whim, and have left this cot that we've had our eye on, in the store!

Instead we've accepted a very generous offer from one of our friends to borrow a cot. I’m very pleased with this as we really want the room to be a mix of old and new. Someone PLEASE remind me of this if things are getting too co-ordinated and designy! I’d rather it was eclectic and fun - just like the mood board.

I'd like to do a FABRIC mood board too, to get some texture happening and to give me some direction to my crafting urges! So much to do!

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