Friday, June 17, 2011

End of an era

My maternity leave is drawing to a close now, so Jade and I travelled to Melbourne yesterday to officially resign from my full-time job in person.

It was a really weird feeling being back in a world that seems a lifetime away from where I am now, but it just strengthened the feeling that I am in the right place!

So now I am now a full-time Mum looking after this delightful little bundle of joy!

Of course I will be keeping up the freelance work. Being creative is such a fundamental part of who I am that I need to keep myself challenged in this area whenever I can.

My list of next projects is quickly building up. I've already taken on a new project with my old work (!), I have some more school readers lined up, and next week I am meeting with the publisher of the book I have just finished, to see what our next project might be.

But today we are off to the library. (I love that she loves books already!)Then it's lunch with the wonderful Raymond J. And then ... a reality check - housework and grocery shopping.... (oh the glamour of it all)and I've never been happier!