Sunday, December 30, 2007


After all of the madness and mayhem of the run into Christmas it's been really lovely to catch up on a few things! You may have noticed that I have FINALLY put up my new title bar! I designed it so long ago that I am already keen to update it, but it's a start! (Thank you to everyone who encouraged this!)

I also took the time to take advantage of some empty drawers (still have not unpacked all our boxes since the move!) and have given new life to some studio furniture with a new lick of paint!

I am really pleased with how they have come up, and the bright red adds some drama to the new studio! I also painted the filing cabinet, but the "metallic grey" just came out as black! Oh well, at least it looks neat now!

After suffering in 40 degree heat on Saturday (and with 42 degrees forecast tomorrow) we took pity on poor Maggie's winter coat and Ray shaved it all off!! She always looks hilarious during the first few days, so I just had to share it! I promise it grows back beautifully in no time!

This is just a glimpse of our Christmas table! It makes me smile because the "curtains" are the drop sheets we used when we painted the house and they are just nailed on at the moment! (Which is repeated throughout the house I might add!) I hope we can look back at this picture next Christmas and laugh, while we admire our lovely new curtains!

Friday, December 28, 2007


*Well, better late than never!

This is just a quick thank you to everyone who has stopped by to read my blog and share comments and emails with me. Thank you for making this once scarey venture into something that excites and inpires me. I am looking forward to sharing and developing this site with you through out the New Year.

Take Care and drop in again soon.

*Our lovely "new super fast" internet connection lasted exactly one week before a fault was discovered in the line, and we were back to the dark ages again! So, sorry for the lack of posts!

Thursday, December 13, 2007


I have finally found time to participate in Illustration Friday again. This weeks topic is "little things".

Monday, December 10, 2007

Not to be confused!

I have just realised that my Monday post came up as Friday! Hhhhmmmm.....yet another learning curve in this blogging stuff! I started the post on Friday so that I would not forget about the new website I found, but did not finish it off and publish it until Monday! It really has been a week of "Inspiration Monday's"!!
Sorry for any confusion.

Friday, December 7, 2007


Well in the absence of me having time to create new and exciting illustrations to post, this bog is turning into one BIG "Inspiration Monday!". But as it actually IS Monday I don't feel so bad in presenting this one today!

Oooooh, before I forget - thank you to everyone who has taken the time to give me some feedback on my Inspiration Monday over the past few weeks! It really does seem to have inspired some of you and I know that some of you have also made some purchases related to these postings, so I am pleased that it's working!

Today I am breaking away from the local theme for a moment to share this new site that I have just discovered. I stumbled across it last week while looking for visual reference for an illustration job I have on the go, and I got totally side tracked by this great site.

It's called Design is Mine, and while it basically showcases great gift ideas, it also promotes some wonderful designers and products. The presentation of themes and ideas is a great source of inspiration for colour palettes and themed ranges.

No photos to tease you with (too many to choose from) but you MUST go and check it out.
If you are a bit short of time YOU MUST at least check out this amazing feature on the design and craft scene in Portland Oregon that was recently posted there. It is titled Part One, so I hope that Part Two follows soon.
(I have some relatives in Portland so this one is dedicated to you Sands and Mick! I hope we get to come and visit soon!)

Now as a lover of Melbourne and all things local I am already getting the guilt's about not taking the time to promote local (and let's face it - I need some sort of picture for this post!) so here is some great product from a local business called Little Chippi.

This is another business doing the rounds at local markets selling cards, magnets and wall art. They have a beautifully designed website that makes it easy to view products and place orders. The website is full of wonderful bright and colourful products and having seen this products first hand at a recent market, the packaging and presentation of these items just makes them irresistible for gifts!
More great stuff next week, (not sure if I will get to post on Christmas Eve which is the following week would you believe?!) and then I will be taking a slightly more personal approach with this feature in the New Year. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


I was planning on saving this for Inspiration Monday, but I am just too excited! Look what arrived in the mail this week! I finally got the courage up to place an order on line when I discovered that Property of Kelly had opened a shop.

This is how it looked when I opened it up! Don't you just love the presentation! Kelly was also kind enough to send an extra little surprise with my order by including a postcard of the gorgeous "Three Bunnies" illustration I was admiring on one of her previous posts! I was SO excited!

Here is the contents of the package - a cute little collection of four of the "Hiker Girl" cards that were always my favourite! I plan to frame one of them with the bunnies, and save the others for a special "card required" moment!

Kelly currently sells a fabulous collection of cards at her online shop and her blog is one of my favourites so if you have not already checked it out, be sure to make some time soon!

I am still flat out with projects (which is wonderfully exciting - I am already starting on the second book in the new series I have just under taken) and I have some pretty tight deadlines over the next few weeks. I will try to keep you posted on my progress. I can't wait to share the book details with you soon and I am really pleased with how the illustrations have come together. Stay tuned....

Monday, December 3, 2007


I have a lovely little back log of things I would like to share in this segment and while I do not intend this feature to be just about product, I could not help but share this local little company with you.

I discovered Library Plus at a market in the city several months ago and promptly bought a library bag and some cards. They specialise in hand crafted stationery, library bags, pencil cases and other great accessory items.

I love the gorgeous graphics and the clever use of colour in all of their products.

While the website is a little simplistic, there is a lovely little introduction to the characters who adorn the product, and it is worth downloading the catalogue to check out some of their great products.

Contact them here for more information or to make a purchase.
Next week I hope to take a slightly different approach to "Inspiration Monday" so check back in next Monday for another chance to get inspired into a new week.