Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Another incredible few months have just unfolded. In fact, I would go so far as to say there were some career highlights sprinkled in there. If only I had some sort of Social Media Manager, who could keep up with that side of things for me! So much news and so little time to share it all...

Anyway here's a snap shot to get you up to speed:

Let's begin with an I never imagined would appear here....

I think it would come as no surprise for you to learn that I am a pretty private person, and somewhat introverted, so can you imagine the effort it took for me to put myself out there and attend a radio interview?! Well, it took my participation in the local Goulburn Readers Writers Festival last month to inspire me to get out from behind my desk and do a little promoting.

So, with some wonderful support and encouragement from my gorgeous husband I decided it was time to 'feel the fear, and DO it anyway'!! (My current motto!)

So, for anyone who missed it, here's the link to my interview:


A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to the gorgeous Lish Fejer at 666 ABC Radio Canberra for making me feel so relaxed and comfortable behind the microphone.

Following on from this excitement, I took my whole family on holiday to the Blue Mountains so that I could attend the KOALA AWARDS! I was so excited to have this Ella and Olivia book nominated for an award:

While we may have come home empty handed, my heart was full of pride at seeing my name listed among such incredible talent.

I was also finally able to meet the lovely Author of the Ella and Olivia books Yvette Poshoglian. We have worked together for many years, but have never actually met! Needless to say she was (AND IS) delightful! 

I came away from this wonderful event, buzzing with the realisation that I need to connect more with the Book Publishing industry. I feel like I have finally earned my place in this group and it's time to network a bit more. I guess that's one of the great things about social media. I have now come to terms with the power of networking, and am excited to connect with so many talented people.

It was also the 30th Anniversary of the Koala Awards, and we were invited to contribute a Koala illustration to mark this special occasion. Here's my entry:

So, now that I was well and truly out from behind my desk, and into the spotlight a little bit, I must admit it washed away all of the nerves in the lead up to the Goulburn Readers Writers Festival. I felt a little more comfortable that after all of these years, I finally do have some experience and knowledge
worth sharing.

I kicked things off with reading Sheep On A Beach in the Courtyard, and moved on to a Panel Discussion with Tania McCartney and George Ivanoff, hosted by local identity Warren Brown.
Then I was flying solo with my own presentation, which showed a little insight into the processes involved in bringing books through the creative stages and into reality.

I learned soooo much from this incredible experience, and made some more wonderful connections. I just have to say that I was really impressed with how visiting Author George Ivanoff shared his experience of our town and the festival. Check out his facebook pages and website, for a true insight into this remarkable weekend!

I will leave you with one more little teaser....

My Top Secret Project has finally been completed and I hope to reveal all in the next week or so...can you guess what it is?!!