Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Dream Begins

To kick start my writing again, I have shouted myself this newly discovered guidelines reference. I have opted for the cheaper document version at this stage, and can always follow up with assessment services later if I want to.

I have also delved back into my collection of reference books on this subject (some of these date back more than 15 years! I have been harbouring this dream for so long!)

The first thing that has struck me is how much of the advice and reference is relevant to the creative process in general.

This fabulous book by another of our great authors Libby Gleeson (Published by Hale and Iremonger Australia 1999) tracks the creative processes that she went through while writing one of her books. So much of what she writes is relevant to us illustrators as well.

I noticed I even got this copy signed! I have attended so many seminars and courses on this topic over the years that it’s these words of wisdom from
this book that have struck a chord with me:

Published by Penguin Books Australia (1992), Written by Eleanor Nilsson about the discipline of writing:

“First we start writing then we get the ideas. That is the most important piece of advice I or anyone else can give you. We learn to write by writing not thinking about writing….Remember the world is full of people who mean to write “one day”: people who are waiting for either the time or the inspiration or both. But the way to get inspiration is to sit at your desk – and write.”

Can't argue with that!

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Quiet contemplation

I have been playing with some new markers and sketches lately, as I hope to get more "hands on" this year. I have relied on my computer skills for so long that I need to get back to basics this year. This will include a return to life drawing on a more permanent basis!

This was a Christmas pressie from my parents and it holds more significance that you might think. Way back when I was still in primary school I attended a special "Writers Camp" for country kids, and Graeme Base was our guest speaker, having just published his first ever book featured below:

I still have the original sketches he did for me back then, and have had several books of his signed over the years!

Reading his life story has reminded me how much I once loved writing. When I first left school I could not decide whether to pursue art or writing and ended up being offered University placements in both disciplines. I chose art, but always kept sketch books of notes and ideas for stories dating back many years. I seem to have slowed up of late, but over the break I opened that drawer and contemplated this collection of notebooks.

I think that this year it's high time I brought some of these pages to life. I am quite shy of my writing and am thinking about doing a short course to get my confidence up again, but either way, it's time to dust off the pages and get stuck in. Here's to a year of fulfilling dreams.

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