Friday, September 28, 2007


THANK YOU THANK YOU THANKYOU to everyone who commented on my illustration Friday post! It's only 6:30 in the morning here and I could not sleep, so I decided to see if anyone had commented on my last post and am suddenly VERY AWAKE! It was such a buzz to get comments from all over the world, as I have only started this blog this week and these were my first EVER comments!

I just need to work out how to reply to each of you properly to thank you! I am learning more each day so hopefully I will be a wizz at this in no time! Check out some of the blogs from people who commented on my last post if you get the chance - there are some very talented people amongst them!

*Sorry - too excited to find an image to post with this!......broke my first rule already! Oh well am sure it wont be the last!

Thursday, September 27, 2007


Yet another nerve racking venture into the unkown world of blogging (for me anyway!). It feels a bit scary to be "out there". (This weeks topic was "juggle".)
* If you can't quite work this one out, it's a dog in a dinosaur costume.....?! I don't know why - it just seemed cute at the time.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


ACTUALLY HAND OUT ANY PROMOTIONAL FLYERS MADE FOR A SPECIFIC OCCASION! I made these lovely self promoting flyers especially to inform and convince my potential new "clients" about all of the wonderful things I could offer their business and forgot to actually hand them out!

That said, things went very well actually! The best thing is that I got a wonderful "vibe" from them as being lovely people! I know that some of you would argue that it's not about being "nice", but it's all about business -but it's REALLY important to me to be working with great people. It makes the job more rewarding, and it really motivates and inspires me to do good work for them. I also think it creates more potential to build a long term working relationship.

Must dash - just had an SOS call from my gorgie (gorgeous) bike-riding-to-work husband who needs me to pick him up, following a mechanical issue with the it has also started raining I thought it's the least I could do! Don't you love the flexibility of working from home!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I KNOW - were you sitting down?! Two posts in two days! AND I have managed to have a play around with the templates and have added some new information! I am out of control I tell ya!!
Anyway - today was a bit of a "get organised" day. Spent the morning finishing off a few alterations to some line art illustrations for a book project I am working on, and then moved onto reviewing my folio.

I am a bit excited about a meeting I have lined up for tomorrow with a "new" baby apparel company. (Well when I say "new" I mean a potential "new customer" for me.)

I have been doing some research and preparing my folio to suit their requirements. Their style is a little bit more subdued than most of my folio so it's a question of convincing them that I can adapt to the brief. Then of course there is the small matter of me answering an ad for a FULL TIME position when I will be offering my services on a freelance basis! (I know, I know - stop shouting, I hear you!) But they already know that and were still prepared to make time to see me, so *"seize the day" if you will.

*Quote blatently stolen from one of my favourite movies "Dead Poets Society", and yes I should have been brave enough to attempt the latin version of the line which would have had more impact, for those of you who have seen it!

Monday, September 24, 2007


Well this it too weird! I have been thinking about setting up a blog for ages, but obviously have never done anything about it! Now that I have done it I am a bit excited, but mostly TERRIFIED! I stumbled on this whole "blog" thing a little later than most, so I feel like I have HEAPS to learn - and what better way than just getting in there and having a go!!

I have read HEAPS of "FIRST POSTS" from lots of blogs to get an idea of how to start, but at the end of the day, I guess you just have to jump in there.

So basically I am a freelance illustrator ("slash" designer!) specialising in children's product design. I work out of my home based studio in Melbourne and am pretty passionate about what I do! I love all the colour and fun that the children's market promotes and I hope to share a glimpse of what inspires and motivates me through this blog.

I have a gorgeous husband and a slightly "handicapped" dog, who obviously play a big part in life, so no doubt they will get regular mentions in this blog too - so it's not all work! I hope to get involved in the "Illustration Friday" stuff that I have been learning about on blogs, so I guess my first test will be whether or not I can get started on that this week! Stay tuned! And welcome to my journey!