Monday, April 26, 2010

Going back to my roots

We had a lovely weekend staying with my sister and her family on the weekend. She's the sewer in the family and when I wound up my craft market days I passed on all my leftover materials to my sister.

It turns out that she's kept most of it and these boxes are filled with some of the memories.

This stuff dates back to the very early days of Red Dog and Jude - over 10 years ago now!

The boxes are full of cut shapes and bits and pieces to create some of the things I used to make and sell at the markets.

I managed to find a few snaps of some the things that I used to sell. The tool boxes are hand painted and I used to cut the bunny rug shapes, bind them with a simple overlocked edge, and hand paint the detail. I had some cloth labels made up to finish things off!

I used to sell stacks of the Bunny Rugs and I've been thinking about making some for the new baby, with some fresh new designs.

There's quite a few blank ones in the boxes, that are all ready to go. I just have to come up with some fresh new designs, so that's my next project over the coming weeks.

While looking for some market photos, I came across this box of inspiration from many years ago, so I hope to find some ideas for the nursery.

This old colour palette is a great start and I like the touch of grey in this!We should be ready to paint the nursery walls in the next couple of weeks, so we'll have to make some decisions soon!

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Monday, April 19, 2010


We're starting to gather a few ideas for the nursery now, and I plan to do some mood and colour boards to help inspire us as we get closer to making a bit of a start.

We only have a two bedroom home and we are just organising a secure shed to be able to move everything out of the "spare room" into storage for a while! may be a case of BYO tent or caravan for visitors for a while! Although I am assured that NO-0NE will want to stay in the same house as a new born anyway, so I believe we have some time to work out some alternative arrangements!

Just a quick note that I have exhausted all avenues to find where I sourced some of the images, but with no luck, so please enjoy them for their colour and inspiration references that originally drew me to them!

So let me just start by saying that all of the lovely prints are by a very talented duo of Australian artists Nicholas and Mara Girling. Check out their PRINT SPACE blog for all details.
I think I'll have to stock up on some of their prints!

1. I just loved the 3D feel of this arrangement - a bit like a scene or set from a play. This interests me and I like the thought of doing something like this on one of the walls. And how gorgeous is that blue wall with the contrasting red!

2. I've always loved little multi box shelving and would like to do something like this on another wall! Check out the Purl Bee website and blog for heaps more inspirational colour use....oh and of course their craft stuff!

3. Easy access to books is a must - even if it's a little while before they're in full use! I love the idea of some shelving that presents the books facing front on rather than just seeing the spines. Then you can update and change the selection when ever you need to refresh them! It's a great way to add colour to a room too!

4. How cool are the white shelves with the coloured insides?! Could be some ideas in this too! I also love that orange bean bag in the corner. Check out the full tour of this house here are Bloesem Kids.

5. I've had my eye on this light cover for some time, but just can't bring myself to pay the money for it! I think I might try to find some plain white rice paper light covers to decorate myself! But you MUST check out the beautiful French website Ocechou where I found this! I want just about everything on this site!

6. Speaking of forking out money, here's a rather decadent item I have fallen in love with! I've been wanting a rocking chair (for those late night feeds and wake up calls!) but never imagined there might be something quite as luxurious as this out there! We've found this store in Melbourne who stock them, so we may have to find an excuse to go and test drive one!

7. This is another Bloesem house tour and I'm interested in the idea of lots of frames all cluttered together in one space, but not necessarily framing images!

Oooh, I almost forgot the mention the Atelier cards in the bottom left corner of the middle group of images! I regularly visit their site for great colour inspiration!

My next step is to start to find some paint colour chips, along with some fabrics and textures to fill out my mood boards a little.

Have a great week!

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Special arrival!

Well, I've been taking things a bit easy of late, so there's not been much to blog about....UNTIL.....

...this lovely surprise box turned up this week!

It's full of copies of my latest book! How exciting. I can't reveal too much more just yet, as it's not released until next month, but here's a bit more of a peek if you're curious. I'm really pleased with how it's come together and I can't wait to share some inside pages with you.

As for the craft projects? Well, I've stalled a bit now as I have not had the chance to get any new wool colours to finish of the cardie. I might have to just keep it two colours after all.

I've also passed on the beautiful cotton colours to the real expert (my Mum!) who's going to crochet a lovely baby blanket for us. I've been feeling really well of late and my appetite is back with a vengeance - just in time of lots of chocolate over Easter!

We've also started our plans for transforming our spare room in to the new nursery, so I look forward to sharing the processes with you.

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