Thursday, July 24, 2008


I would like to send out a special thank you to the following people who recently nominated me for an award.I don't seem to find (or make!) the time to follow the required links to accept these things properly, but I do want to thank:
Kelly from Property of Kelly, Radah from Ratlion, Jennifer from J.L.Meyer Illustrations and Crystal from Crystal Driedger.

This is a pretty impressive collection of talented bloggers so if you're not familiar with them you really should try to drop by sometime.

I have just taken on some more freelance work after a experiencing a couple of weeks of "normal" life (i.e.9-5 stuff!). I feel re-energised and am about to start 4 new baby apparel ranges, and a new book - so that should keep me pretty busy over the next few weeks. Thanks to some very encouraging comments coming through recently, I will try to blog a bit more about this. It's really motivating to know that people are reading along! Makes me want to share more!

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Sunday, July 20, 2008


... at the moment I can't get enough:



Sums up my weekend really! Thank you to my husband for a fabulously relaxing time at home - ahead of what's about to become another busy time with freelance projects.

(Just a weak excuse to share more pyjama designs created last year?! You got it! They are only coming out into stores now! That's the apparel world for you!)

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Inspiration Monday - It's back!

My husband has been complaining that it's been a while since I did one of my Inspiration Monday's so here it is! To break with tradition I am going to open with the Aussie stuff instead of closing with it.

This is the latest thing I have added to my "Wish list" for our house.

I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want this canvas! I found it at this funky Aussie on-line store called Evie La La.
This one's kinda cute too.

Click on the link below for more fun stuff from Mayhar Dry Goods, Amanda Visell and Craft Pudding.

More fun stuff here.

While we are looking at stores, I also discovered some great stuff here at Mayhar Dry Goods.

Like these gorgeous Alphabet Cards by Ida Pearle....

...and these Recipe Cards from Voz Perkins of Fishcake fame....

...and these fabulous felt accessories from Jen Hopwood at My Perennial.

I have wanted to blog about this amazing illustrator from some time. As usual, it's her product offerings that I love, but her incredible illustration skills have seen her linked to the likes of the Disney studios! Anyway, here are some favourites from Amanda Visell:

In keeping with my new-found interests in carving activities such as lino printing, I just had to share the amazing talents of someone who knows what they are doing. Craft Pudding. Check out her blog and etsy store and you could actually own some of this cool stuff. She even does commissions of kids portraits in a stamp format! Very Cool!

Well, I hope that inspired you all into a fabulous new week of creativity!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Thanks for the words of encouragement on my first attempts at lino printing. I finally printed it last night and I'd have to say I'm not loving it. It was a fun (and time consuming!) process, but I think I need to work a bit bigger. This was an intricate first attempt! I also need to spend some more time on the design before the carving starts!

In my frustration at not loving the outcome of this project I decided to try my hand at some recently purchased oil pastels! I am trying to re-acquaint myself with some of the hands on techniques that I have not dabbled in since the computer took over my world!

Love the colours, but I need to work on the technique! And the content - AGAIN! Anyway, it was nice to just dabble for the pleasure of it again.

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Sunday, July 6, 2008

The luxury of time

Now that I have caught up a bit with the freelance work, it feels luxurious to have free time after work AND on weekends! So what do I chose to do with it? More creative stuff! I can't help myself. I admit I am obsessed! At least I can admit it.

Here's a bit of a glimpse at my first attempt at a lino print! Of course it took longer than I thought it would, so I have not had the chance to print from it yet, but will share it with you when I do. I am not totally convinced I like the design, but I was just desperate to start hacking into that lino! Let's wait and see how it prints hey?

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