Friday, June 13, 2014

Studio Glimpse

I have had a really strange couple of weeks. While I did manage to finish off some new Ella & Olivia artwork, as well as some new design concepts for a brand new chapter book series I am working on, I also had a bit of of a creative block to overcome. 

Usually when I have been working too hard I tend to then move so far in the other direction that I can't even look at anything creative! I had to just go with that feeling a bit and I actually missed  a couple of other deadlines this week. Fortunately I have some very understanding clients that I have been working with for many years who totally respected this, but I will have to put in some serious hours over the weekend to catch up.

I have not even been able to get back into the Lilla Rogers projects, but this week she did challenge us to share our work spaces with each other in the facebook group, so it motivated me to tidy up a bit and share a few pics with you. 

Here's a few bits and pieces I picked up at a local market over the weekend. I am dreaming of having some time to do some crafty day?!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The month that was....

I finally joined Playgroup Australia this month and when the latest copy of their magazine arrived, I was delighted to spot this little feature on one of my books! I still get a buzz out of this sort of thing!

On the work front, it's been another crazy month. There have been some great projects in this latest batch of work (but of course I can't share any of it here), and with no time for the Lilla Rogers projects (boot camp started back this month) I don't have much imagery to share with you!

I guess it's good to be busy, but it's been a bit full on lately - and of course our little one is teething at the moment. She used to be a pretty good sleeper, but lately she is so's exhausting! 

We have also had a milestone birthday in the family this month - which turned into a couple of big weekends of celebration (including a pretty luxurious weekend away in Sydney.)

All fabulous of course, but not much time to get any work done! There have been so many late nights and I am pretty exhausted at the moment. I have given myself the night off tonight, so must hurry off to bed to attempt some catch up sleep!! Good night all.