Saturday, June 7, 2008


No prizes for guessing that it's been another busy week. Here is a snap shot:

Stunning weekend up north lazing around on a tropical island.

...drinking plenty of these!

My parents returned from a "trip of a life time" (visiting Egypt, Jordan, Europe and the UK) with these fabulous pressies for me! Welcome home Mum and Dad!

This fabulous purchase arrived from this clever blogger. I love it, and have seen some more great stuff in her shop that I want! Check it out if you can.

Bought a copy of this magazine to read about fellow netballer (and of course designer!) Auntie Cookie! Fabulous pic Shannon, and congratulations on your growing celebrity status! So exciting!

Just received advance copies of my latest books from this series! I am so happy with them, but I can't reveal them yet as they have not been officially released. Will give you all of the details when they are available. This was just the boost I need to motivate me to complete the next two that I am currently working on in the series.

Thank goodness for the long weekend, as I have 8 books due by this Friday! Isn't it typical that when you commit to multiple projects they are bound to have deadline clashes! So needless to say I am still working those long hours! Can't wait to have another weekend off! Enjoy the rest of yours!

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Ratlion said...

Well, hello!
Looks like you had a great time, and why shouldn't you have? Look at that sunset! And so many pretty presents!


But 8 books?!! By Friday? Wow. I wish you luck, though I doubt you need any. You'll come out with flying colours no doubt.
Here's to another weekend off after you meet your deadlines!

Kelly Medina said...

Good to hear you are having some fun in between the crazy times. Great shot of both of your feet (fun red shoes!) and that gorgeous sunset.

All the best,