Saturday, November 28, 2009

Keeping it local

Ducked into town this morning to pick up a few things and could not resist dropping into my favourite Bendigo store - Bob.

Of course I should have known that would result in us spending money, but who could resist these.

The booklet is x12 gorgeous prints by Suzy Ultman which I plan to frame and hang around the house...

The box is for these cool Creature Lights...

with cute felt characters...

...that inspired us to put up this:

Is it too early to get the Christmas tree out? I just figured if we did not do it today it wouldn't happen! We started on the Christmas shopping too, as I am a notorious Christmas Eve shopper. I wont have time this year to leave it that late as we are having Christmas away this year.

Anyway, must dash - more books and illustration stuff least x20 illustrations still left to do before Christmas! (Where's the motivation? - Christmas holidays at the beach!!Yippee!!, yep that is my brand new boogie board under the tree there - waiting to be wrapped and ripped opened again on Christmas day!)

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