Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Wishes 2009!

Well this is my first totally free weekend for what feels like several months and it's been lovely! We managed to complete most of the Christmas shopping, and I even found time to whip up this chocolate slice!

We're off to a BBQ with some neighbours tonight so I thought we'd better not rock up empty handed! We are very lucky to have met so many new people in the area within a few short months of us being here. It's so different to all the years of city living and not knowing anyone in our street!

I found these illustrations from my last years Christmas illustration ideas, (yeah, I know I'm lazy!) but I thought I'd better send some Christmas wishes today, as I know I wont get time next week.

We're off on a beach holiday next weekend and plan to take our laptops, so I hope to get in a few blog posts before we get back.

Stay safe everyone and I hope that this years fire season is a very quiet one. x
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1 comment:

Carly Findlay said...

Hey I miss your blogs!
Looking forward to reading another soon.