Monday, October 25, 2010

Catching up

I am typing this with one hand as our gorgeous girl sleeps on my lap. It's too easy to spend the hours just gazing at her. She is so amazing and I can barely believe that she is real, and that she is ours!

When I was pregnant everyone tried to warn me that during the first few weeks and months your time will be so consumed by caring for your baby that even brushing your teeth or having a shower is quite an achievement each day. I thought this must be an exaggeration but it's just so true! Any time that I do get I'm under pressure to SLEEP!

It's been 9 weeks now and I am just starting to feel more like my old self (partly thanks to longer sleep periods at night now.). This means feeling more confident about getting out of the house and more motivated to catch up on some of the things I've been neglecting.

So, we have finally organised some thank you cards for everyone who sent us gifts and cards following the birth. I wish I had time to design the cards, but I thought these were quite a nice simple design to get the job done!

Now the next challenge will be to actually write them up AND get them in the post!
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K said...

Jah - see? Who woulda thought such a small person could absorb so very much time? But she's absorbing more than that; she's in a very foreign country, so foreign she doesn't even understand even the concept there of language - in your arms, she is busily learning the laws of physics on this planet, watching action and reaction in everything, the social part of the world not least. Whatever she is using of you, her own brain is working at a learning rate higher than any of us experience for the rest of our lives - a miracle of self-programming. And from all of this, she will derive her basic expectations of life, love, people, physics - her view of the world, which will color every choice she ever makes.

No pressure. But really - the only pressure is that you and your lovely husband be the best people you know how to be, because what you are is in every tone of your voice. She will feel that love. That safety. That warmth in her mind and heart even when she is old and you are gone. The gifts you give her now, she will give to hers, and they will give to theirs.

Amazing. Amazing how fall-in-loveable a baby is. I know. I remember. And I'm getting a new grand one in two weeks, so YIPEE!! And bless your hearts. Your silence in this blog only lets me know you are doing it right.

lil kim said...

Hi Dan - glad you are getting some more sleep now ;-) I can't believe it's been 9 weeks already! She'll be asking for the car keys before you know it!

all the best to your lovely family xo

Ratlion said...

Hello. Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl! Jade is such a pretty name.