Monday, November 8, 2010

Beautiful gifts

Two weeks before we told our parents we were expecting a baby, my Mum finalised a trip to Europe with her sister. It turned out that the trip would take place two weeks after our due date. Poor Mum! So two weeks after Jade arrived, Nanna was off to Europe! I know it was tough for her to be away with a new baby in the family, but she called us every week and found some gorgeous gifts for Jade in my favourite city - PARIS!

She knows my taste so well! I can't wait to frame some of these cards for the nursery wall. The round cards are by an illustrator called Anne-Isabelle Le Touze and the post cards are by an illustrator called Corinne Bittler. I LOVE Corrinne's art. Mum could not decide which cards to buy so she bought the whole range! I just love them!

I can't wait for her to fit into these! I wish they made grown up sizes in tshirts - I'd wear them for sure! In the meantime I might frame them or hang them on display in her nursery!

Check out this bag and the cute little toys! What a lucky girl!

And I could not resist adding a Jade pic to sign off with - too cute, hey?

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lil kim said...

ooh what delicious goodies from Paris! And Jade is such a cutie!

Sue said...

Jade is a cutie! What wonderful gifts and I love all the illustrations. It would be nice if they were made in t-shirts as I think I could wear them too.

K said...

Beautiful Jade!! Wonderful gifts!! I LOVE Paris. And new babies (now - especially the ones who belong to some other loving soul), and odd and wonderful toys. So you have it all, kiddo!