Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Creative Juices

I am sure that you are getting sick of me posting images of Jade supervising me at work, but my proposed layout for the new book has been approved and I am now getting stuck into some serious roughs. This book is so much fun. I have been lucky enough to enjoy complete freedom to interpret the text however I like, so I am loving it.

Now enough of the book talk. In other news.....I visited the most amazing fabric shop in Ballarat last week. I was slightly concerned it was going to be a bit traditional as it's called the Ballarat Patchwork Shop, but to my delight it was full of inspiration.

The colour and selection was so overwhelming that I could not decide where to start or what to buy. So many ideas started swimming through my head. I just wanted to grab a sketch book and start creating.

Despite this, all I came home with was a small selection of felt squares and a couple of trims, and I have no idea what I will do with them!

I am determined to return to the store with some designs and projects in mind next time. I am thinking about some great waterproof fabrics they had there, and I'd love to do a rain coat for Jade. Anyway, check out their website for a taste of what they have available.

I MUST make some time to get back to some sewing.

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www.ellengiggenbach.blogspot.com said...

before i got back into illustrating, i loved collecting fabrics and trims too! you could decorate a lamp shade!
cut felt flowers etc and applique them and add the trim around the bottom! i used to make them, they sold like hot cakes!

Danielle McDonald said...

That sounds gorgeous Ell. I've just bought Jade a plain winter coat and I am thinking of jazzing it up with some applique of some sort! I hope to find time to blog about it so check back in if you are interested.

K said...

You guys are so young and powerful. I find myself wondering where that passion has gone in me - maybe you actually do get old when you grow older. It's words for me. Stories. I walk through a world of them, like you walked among the shelves of color (I steer clear of quilt shops now, since I could probably stock one from my own stuff at home) - but I none of them stick.

Maybe there's just too much life when your kids are real people. I don't know.