Thursday, May 26, 2011

Part of my excuse for such a long gap in blogging recently has been the fact that after five loyal years of service, my computer packed it in! Luckily I am pretty good at backing up my files, and of course I was clever enough to marry my IT man, who managed to rescue the hard drive, so no real damage done (except to the bank balance!)

My beautiful new replacement has arrived and I also used this opportunity to upgrade all my software. So no excuses now! (Ooooh, I heard a few of you gasp! No. I am not a Mac user!)

On the Creative front it's been a steady flow of projects. Two new board books are done and dusted and I have my big 24 page book due next week. I am really enjoying this project and am just colouring everything up at the moment (my favourite part).

I find it really helps to pin up the pages on a wall so that I can make sure there's a good mix and flow to the pages.

The next two projects are lined up to follow and will take me back to some product design again, so am keeping pretty busy.

Craft stuff? Well Needless to say I've not had the time for much crafting, but I did manage to find some more felt colours for that coat I want to decorate and found these cute flowers that I hope to find a place for on the coat.

Oh, and I am thinking of cheating a bit with a couple of Jade's tops and found these cute iron on appliques!

Yeah, I know....."blasphemy" I hear all you crafters yelling, but there's only so many hours in a day!
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K said...

Here's the thing - creative people use whatever comes to hand. No cheating happens - materials are materials whether raw or slightly processed. And there's a reason why our ancestors jumped on the new technology (like the stirrup) the second they could lay hands on it. So there.

lil kim said...

Wow you are a busy bee! and Jade is a cutie! SOunds like everything is ticking along smoothly. Sending you warm hot chocolate with marshmallow vibes xo