Monday, July 25, 2011

For my Mum!

My Mum has been complaining that I am not blogging enough, but if truth be told I'm not sure I have that much to tell you! I've been really busy with new projects, but I can't share any of them with you yet!

So here's a reject from one of them just to tease you with!

I've also been trying to make some time to do some craft projects, but so far this felt applique idea for a pink stripey top remains incomplete....

....and the knitting has stalled!

But the most important job is going wonderfully well with this beautiful little girl taking up most of my time. She's ALMOST walking now and loves playing with EVERYTHING.

I wish I had time to paint this little box.

I've always wanted to paint up a cubby house! Oh, and yeah...that box DOES mean that we bought a new dishwasher!'s hoping it buys me a bit more time?! to swimming lessons today, library and mothers group tomorrow...visit from grandma on Wednesday....and more! Have a busy (but great) week! x


lil kim said...

oh my goodness she's grown up so much already! what a joy. glad you are well :)

K said...

Smiling. Didn't I tell you she'd fill up your life the way sun at dawn fills up a valley? Wonderful. But how did she get so old so fast?

Blossom Child Design said...

Oh Danielle,

Jade is just beautiful! I am still inspired by my children and cant stop making and designing things for children and babies, they are amazing little people arent they?

Ive enrolled to finish my degree, starting next month, still graphic design but leaning towards interactive media...need me some more learnin' for web!

Oh and I have discovered Pinterest...oh dear...its addictive!

Take care and keep up the blogging...I love reading/seeing what youre up to and of course to watch your little lady grow...where has the time gone?