Friday, August 5, 2011

My Creative Space Today

Today I finally made some time for a little crafting.

I hope to finish them off over the next few nights when the baby is asleep.


K said...

Yep. This is what first drew me in. Shapes that make me itchy fingered. Maybe itchy minded. Charmed. Sorry I hadn't thought of them myself - which, of course, I can't.

Danielle McDonald said...

Ha! Thanks K. I wish I had more time to share a bit more of this stuff, but I guess you just do what you can!

K said...

D - that you know this - that you just do what you can - is great. Some women never learn it. And usually, it's the children who suffer when that happens. I love what I feel in your writing, that your baby comes first. I love the glimpses of your graphic vision (magic), but so much better, I love witnessing a creative woman putting her magic where it is the most valuable of all. This is why I keep you in the reader. Your mama-ness gives me peace.