Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What's this? Craft time?

I am pretty tired tonight so am not feeling particularly articulate, but after another hectic week of deadlines I wanted to share this rare craft moment with you.

I have been wanting to cover these old coffee tins for ages, and today while Jade slept I ignored the housework and had a little 'ME' time.

These two are covered in wrapping paper. So simple. I just used double sided tape to attach the paper directly to the tin....

...then decorated them with felt and ribbon scraps.

I also had this fabric that I wanted to use, but was unsure how to go about it. So here's a great CHEATS idea if you wanted to try it. I ironed on some of this vinyl finish directly onto the fabric, which gave it a bit more form and strength to work with.

Then I simply cut it to shape and attached it using the double sided tape.

The vinyl finish meant I didn't need to worry about the edges fraying or anything. It's worked so well that I think I'll get some more fabric to complete the rest of the tins.

They are not quite finished yet, but it's a great start! I am now on the lookout for some more paper and fabric to complete the set of 12 tins that I picked up!

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1 comment:

K said...

Twelve raucous, glorious tins.

I find myself wondering if what they hold will be as satisfying as what they're wrapped in.