Benedict House

One of the best things about moving to a new area is exploring the local surrounds. Today we ventured to Queanbeyan to check out Benedict House. It's a former girls boarding school and convent that has transformed into a gorgeous cafe with little rooms full of great gift and handmade items. Not only do they host events and classes there, but it's also famous for it's high tea sessions, (which unfortunately were booked out for us today) - we'll know to book next time!


K said…
Oh - I want to go with you next time you go! It looks forever fun. But I can't help but wonder what the nuns might have thought of all this lovely frippery. Those red shoes with the flowers! I'd never wear them - too earthy and flats-dedicated, but I could look at them for years with satisfaction.
I am a bit like you on the shoe front but I LOVE those red ones and would love to have the legs to wear them!

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