Weekend finds

I have been meaning to tell you about our wonderful weekend all week. We have recently discovered the Southern Highlands and on Saturday we decided to go and check out Bowral. We never quite made it, as we were distracted along the way... First stop was the GOULBURN markets:
I picked up that lovely pair of boxes in the background there for next to nothing. (Prices were outrageously cheap!)I will use them for shelving in Jades room eventually.
Then we planned to go to Bowral via Berrima, but who could pass up the chance to explore such a gorgeous little town?! So we had lunch in Berrima and then explored. Bowral will have to wait for another day!
I also bought that coat rack with the yellow hooks that you can see sticking out of the basket in this pic. Then on Sunday I hunted out these fabulous drawers I have been admiring on Pinterest and (thanks to a bit of a tip off) I managed to get them on sale. I think you can also say that I am now SLOWLY coming around to YELLOW.....bit by bit.


K said…
I'm in Santa Fe, New Mexico - a larger town than this, by far, but just as interesting and quirky in places. I really think that next time you go, you need to take me, too. I'd like a penguin. But I'd also like a duck - and I'd like to sit in a sky-blue chair, too. I'm far away from my projects, but managed to land in the middle of an unexpected mess of confusion in my daughter's family business - still, I bought a stone horse today that has more charm than most of the men I've ever known, and I've been with my girl - and now I've been there with YOU.
Oh those drawers!!! They are an artist's dream! I have something like that from ikea but obviously not as nice and vintage looking!

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