Our new farm!

Introducing our own little piece of heaven. This is where we moved to. It's a lovely 230 acre patch that is ours, all ours. Like so many people we know, we have spent the last few years dreaming of a more self sufficient life on the land - where we can grow our own food, and live a healthier lifestyle. It might be a little run down in and in need a little LOT of love and care, but it's ours! Here's a bit of a snap shot of the property....and YES we FINALLY have some chickens!!! Yay!


K said…
Oh, honey. I only have about two acres - broken into two separate places. And it's a lot of work. But what glory. And what a great thing for your kids and your soul. I will tell you, I envy you that loveliness. Put a horse on it. One at least. Have you ever come to my blog to see ours?

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