Happy New Year

Welcome to a brand New Year. We are looking forward to an exciting year with a the arrival of our new baby in a few short months. In the meantime, I have just wrapped up another gorgeous Ella & Olivia book, and hope to finish off one more (!) before the baby arrives. What fun!


K said…
TWO CHILDREN!! How wonderful!! And more Olivia!! I hope you are feeling well - the kind of tired one feels during a pregnancy is fine for the first, but the second - when you have a child already - wow. You were wise to put space between them; I didn't. I had three in five years, which wasn't a great idea at all. I didn't recover well. Five years later I had my last one - and what a babe he was. Anyway - for Christmas I illustrated three stools - it was really fun, just crazy designs outlined by burning the wood. The painting was more fun than I had expected - the colors mixed under my hand very mystically, and I loved applying them, also sort of magical. A tiny shade of what you must feel every time you pick up anything that leaves a line behind. I put the pictures up on my blog - I was fairly happy with myself.

Your life is working out rather well, dontcha think? I could tell that even just by reading the tone and the way your words lie on the page -

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