Serious nesting in progress

We are on the countdown now, with just under five weeks until the arrival of our new baby. I am in serious nesting mode now, but it seems to have developed beyond the nursery - to Jade's room and the rest of the house! My Dad has been pitching in to help paint and restore things, while Mum has hit the sewing machine for me. Poor Ray has been the moving man, shuffling cupboards and furniture around to suit my changing mind! Here's a bit of a snap shop of what's been happening around here. (How did all that yellow get in there?!)


Ange Brown said…
Oh Danielle, That all looks gorgeous! And another exciting!
K said…
Babies are a wonderful excuse for throwing it all up in the air and dashing paint all over. I love your sense of color and texture. And I love that your family is involved and your Dad is getting paint speckled. FIve weeks - about that time, I was always hoping the due date would turn out to be WAY later than the real deal.
Carly Findlay said…
Oh I love the bright colours - that green chest of drawers is amazing. You're very clever. Hope you're well, I haven't heard from you in ages.

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