Big Sister pack

I wish I had time to paint a design on this t-shirt myself, but as I dont, I cheated and used these gorgeous iron-on designs to create a BIG SISTER t-shirt. I have put together a special pack of goodies to make Jade feel special when the new baby arrives. It was lots of fun actually and is helping me to get even more excited that the big day is so close!


K said…
I made a wee doll, just Gin's size, when Cam was to be born. It had a diaper she could change and a little suit to wear. And - wait - I think she named that baby Charlotte, which is strange. I think it's really a wise and important thing to include a child actively in the celebration of the birth; they get so lost in the bustle and urgency. And then, later, of course, when Mom's arms are full of something she won't understand except in a general, confusing sort of way. Treats and surprises, all seeming to come FROM the fact of the baby - it was always important. Goodonya - it's only what I'd expect of you.

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