Things have settled down a bit here now, and we are getting used to life with two gorgeous girls in the family now. Zoe is a delight and it's wonderful to have a new baby in the house again. Meanwhile life goes on, and I have two brand new Ella & Olivia books out this month.


Horses have always been the one thing that I can't draw, so the Pony Problems book was quite a challenge. I am pretty happy with how this little pony turned out though! What do you think?

 It's worth trying to grab a copy of these ones as they each come with a cute little bonus necklace.

 Jade has to wear them both at the same time as she can't decide which one she likes best!


K said…
Oh, I have been so buried by life in the last year, I cannot keep up with the things I love - . Your pony is fine - fat and silly and lifting an impertinent lip. And I am so glad that you are working and working - it's an amazing blessing these days to be so appreciated. You sound so good and healthy and busy with life, it just makes me feel happy.

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