New Studio space

I have taken on quite a bit of work over the coming months and needed to set up a work space somewhere. So I have taken over the baby's room (temporarily), and moved her cot into our bedroom.
With a great new work space, I no longer had any excuses to procrastinate, so today I sat down and made a good start on my next book project. While I am still signed on for plenty more Ella & Olivia book (very exciting!) I am really pleased to be taking on another full colour picture book. I started on some storyboards today and enjoyed getting carried away with the moment. I have lots of silly and fun sketches and am looking forward to playing with it a bit more soon.


K said…
I set up some studio space for myself, but it became a mountain of beads, wire, patterns, tools, fabric, yarn, bells, clay, raw wood - everything. So now I can't find anything again. But then, nobody pays me for what I do, so it's probably not that significant that I'm frozen at the sight of the chaos. Still - you inspire me to clear it all away. Another book? The world will be a more delightful place, then, for it -

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