Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Some serious Talent!

We have been in our “new” house for two years now and still we having nothing hanging on our walls! I am sick of looking at these blank spaces so I finally got organised and ordered some artwork from some of my favourite illustrators to grace our walls.

So look what just arrived in the mail! Some of you may recognise a certain artists style….

I am sure many of you are familiar with the work of HelenDardik. I have been Pinning her work for a long time and dreaming of owning some of her artwork. She is, OF COURSE, already represented by Lilla Rogers, but she was also kind enough to share an insight into her life in a video interview as part of the Lilla Rogers course. Of all the interviews that were shared this one really stayed with me.

The main thing that resonated with me was the fact that despite a heavy work load she always has several “personal” projects on the go too – just for her own sanity! Most of her ‘paid’ work is created as vector/computer generated artwork (to make it easier when changes or adjustments are needed,) and her personal work is usually hand painted. I am so keen to make some time to get back to some hand painting, and this interview really inspired me.

Soooo… I was lucky enough to find one of Helen’s  hand painted, original pieces in her Etsy Store (lots more there to pick from so check it out if you can) and I am so delighted it’s arrived. I am too scared to take the plastic off it yet, but there is something about an original artwork that you just can’t capture in a print.

Having said that, I also ordered a gigantic print ( 70cm x 100cm) of one of my favourite illustrators that I met through Lilla’s course. This is a piece by the wonderful Rebecca Jones. I became a fan of her work instantly, and the piece I ordered is from her Society 6 shop. I have never ordered anything through this website, but was delighted with the quality of such a large print. Of course it was a challenge to find a frame large enough to display it, but it was a great excuse to make a special trip to IKEA!!

I am also waiting on a print by the talented Jo Chambers which should arrive in the coming weeks. Here’s a peek at the one I ordered!

I still have a few more walls to decorate, but this gets the ball rolling.

I promise to share a pic of the finished wall when I can actually get them all up together!

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