I have been trying to share my wonderful new books with you all week, but things just have not gone to plan lately. My eldest daughter has started Pre-School for the first time and we are both having some separation anxiety issues. Our dog died from a snake bite this week (and the snake is still hiding somewhere in the yard – last seen near our back door….) and I missed a couple of deadlines with my work! (I RARELY miss deadlines!)

So here’s hoping the start of a new week brings a change of pace. But, I am FINALLY delighted to share the release of MY Brand New Australian Book Series for girls aged 7+. 

Published by the amazing team at Scholastic Australia and written by award-winning Meredith Costain, these books feature Ella and her crazy Year 5 life, recorded in a diary format full of hilarious doodles. 

I am absolutely thrilled with how well it has all come together and I am currently composing a bit of a “behind the scenes” peek into the processes and various stages of development that we went through to create this series, so drop by again if you are interested in this little insight.

Anyway, the books are available in all good books stores through out Australia (and on-line), so please grab a copy and let me know what you think!!


Marjory Gardner said…
The new books look fabulous, Danielle! Meredith showed them to me at proof stage and so it's great now to see the finished products! Sad news about your dog and the snake. I hope he has slithered far away by now. Keep up the lovely wok!
Wow Marjory. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. I have been a quiet admirer of your work for some time so I was a bit excited to see that you had stopped by my blog! So glad you like the new series too.
Roz said…
My 8 year old daughter got the first book today and absolutely loves it! She's really enjoying the story and the little illustrations. She hasn't put it down and has almost finished it already! She can't wait for the 2nd book to arrive especially since it's about ballet :-)
Hi Roz. Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback! I am sure your daughter will love the Ballet Backflip book in this series! It's a really funny one. I love all of the crazy costumes I got to draw!
Heather Lindsay said…
Hi Danielle,
I am a library officer at a Primary School in WA. I recently purchased 3 of your books and have them sitting on my desk on a pile of other new books waiting to be accessioned. A student spotted them there. She owns Dreams Come True and has declared she desperately wants to read these new ones NOW. The books now have a post it note on each of them with her name first and 3 names of other students in her class who now want to read them due to her enthusiastic ravings about them. I believe you may have created a monster lol.
Danielle said…
Heather that is so wonderful to hear. It makes me so proud to know that these books generate that kind of excitement! There's a fabulous new Christmas one out now and and I have just completed book number 7 in this series, and there are at least 4 more in the pipeworks for next Year! Thank you for taking the time to get in touch with me!

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