On my desk...

I have just received my advance copy of the latest Ella and Olivia book. Yvette has done another fabulous job with this story, and I loved creating the illustrations for the TV scenes in this one - particularly the audience scene! Well worth a look!

I am also working on another Brand New project today, but as usual I can't say too much about this yet. It's for the older girls market. We are currently working through some ideas for the cover artwork. Here's a reject from some of the early roughs....

I have also drawn up my post about the processes we went through to get the Ella Diaries cover artwork finalised, so I will collate the images and try to share that with you later this week.

In the meantime, Maureen at Little Learners Love Literacy is keeping me busy with lots of activity sheets and sound cards for the next wave of resources in her wonderful Literacy program.


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