Friday, September 18, 2015

Christmas with Ella.

Christmas has come early with the arrival of the Brand New Ella Diaries books! this is is such a fantastic story, and one that I think we can all relate to on some level! Perfect for a Christmas gift - but who can wait that long? Grab a copy when it hits the shelves on the 1st of October.

Let's not forget about the wonderful Ella and Olivia books. This fabulous 2 in 1 book comes with some gorgeous gift tags in the back and is also available in October.

I am also celebrating tonight with news that yet another Country has bought the Ella Diaries books! That makes 5 different countries now! I can't believe it. It's all a bit of a first for me and I am so proud of these books. Meredith is such a wonderful writer, and the team at Scholastic are so great to work with. 

I am counting my lucky stars at the moment.

More news to come....another new book (Out Now)...two more Brand New contracts on their way to me...and a bit of a first - a book signing session coming up in Sydney. Details coming soon as it's only a week away! Eek!

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