So it seems I have my mojo back! This past week has been all about NEW things on the work front. I have had a couple of great meetings about a new and exciting project that I have underway - something brand new that I have never tried my hand at before, so I am looking forward to revealing a bit more once the project is complete.

On the book front, I finally got my first look at a printed copy of one of my NEW and "Top Secret" books. I know this is a HUGE teaser, but I can't share too much just yet. 

I CAN tell you that it's bigger (longer!) than my Ella Diaries books. (It was a massive undertaking and HEAPS of work, but I LOVED it!)

That's Ella Diaries on the top, and my new book underneath! 

I CAN also tell you that it's a wonderful and VERY funny story that was just a delight to illustrate. 

I CAN tell you that I was very excited to work with this particular Author!

I CAN tell you that it's for an older audience, and that we already have an international contract for it, despite it only just hitting the printers!

I CAN also tell you that I am already working on the follow up book to this title! 
I sense exciting times ahead for this one! It's currently due for release in September this year, so I will look forward to sharing more about it when I can.

I was also excited to get my copies of the latest Ella and Olivia books in the mail! 

This series has been a wonderful success and I am working on book number 18 in the series at the moment! I have also signed contracts for lots more Ella and Olivia books later in the year.

Of course, I also have more Ella Diaries books in the wings and have just signed more contracts for new books in this series too!

That's all I have time for today, but I have lots more to share - including a Brand New full colour Picture Book that I am currently working on, more books in the Little Learners series, and even a few sewing projects that I have started in my 'spare' time!

Oh, and it wouldn't be a complete blog post from me without some farm news, so this time I wanted to introduce the latest addition to the farm.

Meet little Marley! Isn't she the sweetest? We have only had her for a few days so we are still settling into life with a puppy in the house, but we LOVE her! I have to try not to bombard you with too many pictures of her!

Anyway, have a great week and stay tuned for more news soon.


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