Textile Art Explorations

Well things have taken a surprising new direction with my creative pursuits. I have just signed up for some embroidery classes!! I did not see that one coming!

I can't even remember when or why I signed up to receive newsletters and emails from the Textile Artist website, but I have always enjoyed seeing all of the creativity of the textile artists they feature. I have also enjoyed collecting images of contemporary textile artists on Pinterest, here and here.

Through this website I discovered the beautiful artwork of Sue Stone, and suddenly realised that what she was doing was basically creating illustrations using textile mediums. After watching a series of videos about her technique and approach to her artwork, and I found myself thinking about it day and night. There was a growing curiosity inside me yearning to explore how this medium could influence my own work and creativity.

So, I jumped in and signed up! I am a complete novice, but am already loving the support and interaction of the others in the group. Stay tuned for more explorations and sample stitching!


Allison Nealon said…
You go girl, always inspiring... xx

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