Sunday, April 13, 2008


Has it really been two weeks since my past post?! Wow. I just can't keep up at the moment! It's been a crazy few weeks of finishing off the next two books in my 6 series contract (I will reveal a "sneak peak" in the next week or so as the first two are out in the stores now!), "whipping up" two baby apparel ranges, more big nights out (Priscilla, and Matchbox 20) a late netball game (10:25pm!!?), a trade show, and full time work! Phew!

Anyway, I thought it was time I got back to my blogging routine and put together another Inspiration Monday! (OK on a Sunday night tonight, but the intention is still the same - to inspire us all into a wonderfully creative week ahead!)

First up is some beautiful work by the very talented Amy Schimler.

Amy is one of a growing breed of illustrators who have turned their hand to “surface design”. She has created designs for greeting cards, children’s apparel and books, and has an impressive list of clients to her name: including Baby Gap, Target, Fisher Price and Hallmark.

Those crafty folk out there may already be familiar with Amy's amazing selection of fabrics which appear to be very popular with many of the etsy crafters. Amy’s blog is filled with lots of links and posts about where to find her work, as well as giving us a sneak peak into some of the things she is working on! It’s well worth a visit!

You can see more of Amy Schimler's wonderful work here at her website.

I have noticed Jane's work popping up in magazines and on blogs for the last few months and now that I am thinking about attempting some sort of mural art on the walls of our new place, I am particularly interested in her more delicate approach.

Jane is a Melbourne based artist who also paints and illustrates, but I would have to say that it is her mural work that really sparks my imagination. During my explorations to find out more about her I stumbled across a wonderful on-line store selling her artwork here. It's such gorgeous store that I could not resist featuring it in this Inspiration Monday post. Check it out below.


The Tiny People stores are located in Byron Bay NSW and Kirra Beach QLD in Australia, but thankfully they also have an on-line store here!

The website allows you to browse by designer or category and there are some wonderful treats to be found. Here are a couple of things to tease you with!

Kristen Loffer Theiss - I love the mobile!

Anne Claire Petit - makes me want to learn to crochet!

Anyway - I promise to not let another two weeks go by without blogging! I have caught up a bit with things now, so I hope to get back to some sort of normality! Enjoy your week!

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Chickengirl said...

Wonderful! A bunch of great inspiration as always. Thanks!

Ratlion said...

Yes, its been two whole weeks! (I HAVE been keeping tabs on your blog,you know.) (Are you scared yet? Are you?) :D
Nice inspiring post.Am officially in love with Amy Schimler's work! And oh, always love your 'sneak peeks'...Can hardly wait!

Danielle McDonald said...

Thanks for your support! It's nice to know that I do have some readers! Am trying to get my hands on an actual copy of the books rather than just post my illustrations, so stay tuned!

natascha said...

k you for your comment on my blog. Yours is so full of information and beautiful stuff... I have to read it slowly!

Marie-Louise said...

Which wonderfully pattern on the dress, I want to have it!

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