Sunday, April 27, 2008


I encountered these fabulous kids tables by Micki at a recent Tradeshow here in Melbourne and instantly wanted ALL THREE! They all look great together, and I'd love to use them as coffee tables! Look at all of that great storage space underneath!

I also love this gorgeous wooden rocking horse.

The illustrations on all of these great products are by a Thomas Frohling and in my pursuits to find out more about this illustrator, I came across this wonderful website called Stockholm Illustration. There are some very talented illustrators featured here if you can find some time to explore!

This is another fabulous company that I am sure many of you are already familiar with, but they have always been a bit of a favourite of mine! And what a great name: BLA BLA! I used to knit quite a lot as a kid and it's products like these that make me want to get back into it!

Their website features some fabulous new products such as these great t-shirts, mobiles, and a sneak peak at some new colour palettes. It's a beautifully designed website and well worth a look.

These images speak for themselves! This Paris based Toy Company Djeco produce some stunning products and I was lucky enough to have a flick through one of their catalogues and it was truly inspiring! Their website is currently under construction, but their products are widely available both on-line or in stores.

OK- Now for that local element that I always like to add. You simply MUST check out this Sydney based on-line gallery/shop. They have scanned the globe for a unique mix of artists, designers and illustrators work that can all be sold in one great location. There is plenty of information on each of the artists, and I have selected a few to preview here. Click on their names to find out more:

Meredith Gaston, Kelly Boulton and Miriam Derville.

And a well known blogger:

That's it for this week. I hope to find some time to share some of my own work this week, as I seem to be all about Inspiration Monday these days! Anyway, thanks for your comments! They always "inspire" me into my week!

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