Thursday, July 24, 2008


I would like to send out a special thank you to the following people who recently nominated me for an award.I don't seem to find (or make!) the time to follow the required links to accept these things properly, but I do want to thank:
Kelly from Property of Kelly, Radah from Ratlion, Jennifer from J.L.Meyer Illustrations and Crystal from Crystal Driedger.

This is a pretty impressive collection of talented bloggers so if you're not familiar with them you really should try to drop by sometime.

I have just taken on some more freelance work after a experiencing a couple of weeks of "normal" life (i.e.9-5 stuff!). I feel re-energised and am about to start 4 new baby apparel ranges, and a new book - so that should keep me pretty busy over the next few weeks. Thanks to some very encouraging comments coming through recently, I will try to blog a bit more about this. It's really motivating to know that people are reading along! Makes me want to share more!

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-J.Meyer said...

Your most welcome. Your blog is always great to read. You post such inspiring things. =)