Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Thanks for the words of encouragement on my first attempts at lino printing. I finally printed it last night and I'd have to say I'm not loving it. It was a fun (and time consuming!) process, but I think I need to work a bit bigger. This was an intricate first attempt! I also need to spend some more time on the design before the carving starts!

In my frustration at not loving the outcome of this project I decided to try my hand at some recently purchased oil pastels! I am trying to re-acquaint myself with some of the hands on techniques that I have not dabbled in since the computer took over my world!

Love the colours, but I need to work on the technique! And the content - AGAIN! Anyway, it was nice to just dabble for the pleasure of it again.

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Chickengirl said...

So much fun! The prints came out great. Glad you finally have some free time to do some fun stuff! (I know the feeling!)

lil kim said...

love the prints danielle! Lino has such a great quality to it. even if you are not happy with this one, I'm sure it will lead to great things! and the pastels look fun too. It's great getting dirty isn't it?

I'm about to try mosaicing for the first time... eek! wish me luck!

joanne said...

looked pretty ace to me - although I am creatively challenged.See you on court sister!

-J.Meyer said...


I like the prints. =)
Your work is allways inspiring.
I have an award for you over at my blog