Sunday, September 21, 2008

A weekend in Melbourne!

Why do weekends go so quickly?! We certainly had a full one this weekend:

1.SATURDAY: Took Niece and Nephew to the Royal Melbourne Show! Consumed FAR TOO MANY lollies, chocolates, & doughnuts and came home fully loaded up with show bags! A fabulous day all round I'd say!

2.SUNDAY: Took a lovely walk around Albert Park lake.

3.Followed by a great afternoon at the High Vibes, Northcote Festival! What a fabulous area. The food and entertainment was great, and there are some gorgeous stores there too. This one was my favourite: In the Woods

4. Bought a couple of magazines:
Magpies is a magazine that keeps me up to date on what's happening in the Australian kids publishing market. I used to subscribe, but have been a bit lazy in renewing it, so still pick up a copy when I can. It's full of new releases, authors, illustrators and publishers! Inspiring stuff. The second one is basically the Australian apparel market. It's expanded a bit into home wares and a few other areas, but even though I just can't resist buying it, it seems to constantly disappoint me. Not sure why. Maybe it's just too commercial and full of ads? I will study it a bit more and let you know if I find anything worth sharing!

5. Speaking of commercial....I just can't resist the Pixar stuff! We went to see this new release:

They have certainly mastered the art of breathing life into their characters. You could not help but adore Wall E. I was not totally sold on this storyline, but I was still memorised, and it's worth seeing on the big screen! (Yes I AM I a bit old school, if you have not worked that out yet!)

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Ratlion said...


Thanks for dropping by my blog while I was away. Yup, breaks are good. Even though mine was kinda involuntary (just wasn't inspired enough), I think it did me good.

Oh, and I would love to see what's on your desk! (Hint, hint)