Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I have just realised that today is my 12 month anniversary of being in what I still call my "NEW" job! I am finally really comfortable in my role and am feeling like I am making a real contribution to their product program. I am thriving on being able to follow the entire product process from concept to store, which is something that I missed when I was purely freelancing.

Having said that, I am also pleased that I have managed to keep up the freelance contacts (despite sometimes taking on too much!). I have met some great people and I just love the variety of working across several industries.

So - the freelance stuff is still keeping me pretty busy and I have managed to complete the x20 odd illustrations for the latest book I am working on. I'll need to start a new one this week, but it's only about x10 illustrations so hopefully can get through it a little quicker than the last batch.

We have a major trade show coming up with my full time job soon, so it's "all go" these days!

In the absence of being able to share what I am currently working on, I have delved back into the archives and rustled up some pics to share (as I still have this belief that people wont read a post without pictures to look at!) Enjoy.

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