Monday, March 23, 2009


REMEMBER THIS SEGMENT?! It used to be a regular for me (until my life just seemed to get too busy) but I have continued to collect things that inspire me, and I hope to start sharing them again here. I can't guarantee that I can keep this up every week, but when I found this website I just HAD to share it:

What is it about the French and their flair for kids design?! I have just discovered this wonderful collection of children's toys from Ebulobo. You must visit their website to see the full range, as well as some videos of their products at a Paris Fair.

This is the type of product that makes me wish I had designed it!

....and now that I have started I can't leave you with just one inspiration, so I have dug up some more French stuff!

No doubt many of you are already familiar with this fabulous french illustrator, but I just wanted to share all the colour and fun of her new book. She has a gorgeous blog that reveals her extraordinary talent in more detail, and it's well worth a visit.

I stumbled across a wonderful website called Poisson Bulle. Now my French is pretty rusty, but from what I can work out it's a site selling children's decor products designed by a variety of very clever illustrators! The website has links to each of the illustrators sites, so if you get time to explore it properly there are some real gems to be found!

I hope this inspires you into another creative week! Enjoy.

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Kelly Medina said...

Hi Danielle!

These are fantastic! I LOVE the trolls.

Thanks for the inspiration :)

lil kim said...

Hey Dan! Nice to see your Mondays back! The trolls are too cute. Poisson Bulle means Fish Bubble and they look lovely too, thanks for posting :)

Chickengirl said...

You always find the best stuff!

Big big fan of delphine durand. I've got alot of her books.

lil kim said...

Hey girl, I am tagging you to post the 4th picture in the 4th folder on your computer, then tag 4 people to do the same.......

alex said...

wow that is so cute,i love the trolls.

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