Monday, April 13, 2009


Well obviously I've not had much time to blog of late! Things are really busy at work, and I have just finished off all of my books in time to take on another one! This will also be part of an established series, but is targeted at boys. I find this series a bit more challenging as I don't do these ones too often. It will involve me working in a style that does not come naturally to me (perspective and shading!) but it also allows me to use my own imagination a bit more than the girls series that I work on.

So - with everything that's been going on, we took time out to enjoy the four days of Easter by staying at home! Well, not literally! We did venture out to the movies, the shops, cafes etc!

On Saturday we explored Brunswick St in Melbourne. I used to be a local there, and while we eat out there quite a bit, it has been ages since we explored the shops.

I just have to share this fabulous colouring book I bought! Of course it's FRENCH! I seem to have an eye for all things French!

They also had these two to choose from...

and I love the sketchiness of this one!

I picked them up from Wilkins and Kent on Brunswick St and if you have not been to this shop I highly recommend it. Their website does not do the store justice!

Of course I could not resist the urge to find out a bit more about this French stuff, so I found this great website which features a full selection of these beautiful colouring books, along with even more great products, such as these beautiful tins.

The website features work by some very talented illustrators, and includes links to their websites where available.

We also went to see this great NEW RELEASE animation from Oscar Winning Australian Adam Elliot.

It's a wonderful movie on so many levels. The story is original, the characters unique, and the attention to detail is intriguing. I highly recommend checking it out if you get the chance.

I also want to talk books and writing with you, but fear this post is becoming an overload!I might create a new post for that discussion! I hope you have all had a great long weekend, and enjoy your (short)week ahead!

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