Monday, April 13, 2009


Now just because I know it may be a while before I can blog again, I'm going to take advantage of the time I have today to keep chatting!

Click on the link below if you are interested in reading about where things are up to with my writing pursuits!

I wanted to let you know that I have not given up on the writing stuff....well, not that I've written much of late - there really is only so much you can fit into the hours you have available!! But my point is, that the re-occurring advice that keeps cropping up if you want to be a better writer is to read more! So despite my previous confessions that I was at peace with my inability to read "grown up books" I have decided to work harder to understand the type of "grown up" books that I might actually enjoy. (Not that I want to write for growns ups or anything, but I do think it all helps develop an understanding of the craft of story telling!)

I am always overwhelmed in book shops and libraries because I am not really sure of the type of books I like to read. I am much more at home in the kids sections!

So I have decided to be a bit more analytical about why I may, or may not enjoy a particular book in the hope that I might start to narrow the field on the type of books I like. I'd welcome any recommendations if anyone would like to help steer me in the direction of some great reads!

So, to kick things off, here's a summary of my attempts this year to date:
I finished only ONE of these below books this year, and have stalled at the half way point on the other two.

It's actually the first one "John the Revelater" that I finished! I enjoyed the way this author writes. It's a thought provoking style that does not always spell things out to you, but allows you to think and interpret some things for yourself. While the story does not necessarily power along, it always kept me turning the pages which is a big plus for me! Oddly enough though, I did not love this book and am not sure I would recommend it to anyone.

As for the other two, I started off enjoying both of these, but by the halfway point I had worked out the pattern of their story telling and just wanted them both to get on with it. I know that "Eat Pray Love" is a best seller (and that they are making a movie out of it) but I just find it a frustrating read! It seemed to become quite repetitive. I might just start to skim read through the next few chapters in an attempt to get through them both - if I can be bothered.

This wont be any time soon though as I had a moment of weakness today and bought this great book by the very funny and talented Paul Jennings.

If you've never read anything by Paul Jennings then I highly recommend you try one. It's laugh-out-loud funny stuff! This book is a collection of his short stories, and he is a master of his craft!

If anyway has any books they'd like to recommend I'd love to give them a try. This is the last "Grown up" Book that I read AND I LOVED!

I enjoyed the way this author put words together and weaved the story. It's thought provoking and encourages discussion and analysis when you finish it!....(interesting?! I would not have thought this was something that I would want from a book!?)

Apologies if this has been a boring post, but I do feel it's helped a bit. Thanks for listening! is "reading"!


em.s said...

I have heard The Life of Pi is very good. Must give it a try. Agree with you on 'eat, pray love' - got a little over it myself...

Ange B said...

Hey Danielle, Long time no comment...been crazy busy with my course. One of my teachers (illustration) has either written and or illustrated 40 childrens books, his name is (Dr) John Tarlton, hasnt published anything for about 6 years (long story but his wife has a debilitating illness), anyways he is amazing and I feel so lucky to have him for the year. Keep up the reading, I myself read at least 1 novel a week, yes a week. I read for about 2 hours in bed every night, my drug of choice! Take care and hope to hear from you soon.

Ange B said...

i Danielle,
My 20 yr old daughter read the Twilight books in Yr 9 for school and fell in love with them all those years ago...her love of them has been resurrected and she's bought the whole series and the movie but managed to stop at buying a T Shirt. I started reading Twilight 3 nights ago and am hooked too, we had a half hour conversation about the book waiting at the doctors yesterday and there were a few people with smiles on their faces while they eavesdropped! I was the same with harry potter. I hadnt read the books when I saw the first movie with the kids and kept asking her questions, she got me to shut-up by saying...for gods sake Mum read the book! And I did! All of them
Im thinking of blogging about my studies on my other blog...and posting pics of the images/illustrations weve been doing. But sadly it'll probably be like this blog and not get any attention from me for weeks...What are you working on at the moment?
Great to hear from you!