Friday, July 3, 2009


Last night was cause for celebration! I got the book project! I am sooooo excited. I REALLY wanted this one! I will know more details next week, but I am still buzzing with the news. Last night we headed over to Brunetti in Carlton to celebrate. (Any excuse!) They have the most amazing treats to choose from, and it's always tough to know what to choose!

I'll write some more detail on what I submitted when I get the chance.

I have also been meaning to update you on our fabulous new house. It's just magical, and we have started to explore the local area a bit.

We found this fabulous shop/gallery space called Bob that I am sure will be a regular spot for me to visit.

I found this great photo on this website where there's an interview with the lovely store owner Sonia. There are also some more great photos on this site, so go check it out if you get the chance.

Ray could not stop thinking about the gorgeous sheep featured on the front table, so I bought him one via the online shop and it's already arrived! Sooooo cute! It's a little house warming gift for him!

My sweet husband then surprised me by finding these gorgeous gumboots (Wellies!) on line for my house warming gift! I can't wait for them to arrive.
How decadent that they are coming all the way from the UK, just so I can splosh about on our new property in style! I swear we will be the talk of the town! "Those weird city folk!"

If only we could sell our Melbourne home then the week would be complete! Oh well, am enjoying having a holiday house for while! We are heading up there again this weekend, so will try to take some more pics to share! (The kangaroos seem to love it more than us! I've never seen so many in one spot!) Will try to snap a photo!

Am working from home today - I love these days as I always get so much done, but best of all, I don't have to battle through all that traffic!

Anyway, enjoy your weekend, whatever you have planned!

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Ange B said...

OMG! Danielle, that is the best exciting and Im so happy for you...maybe me one day???Congratulations! Well done you!
All the best and cant wait to see/hear more about the job.
All the best...

lil kim said...

Congrats Danielle!!!! On your book deal, your lovely house and your funky gumboots !! All cause for celebration, and of course any excuse for cake...

Chickengirl said...

So much goodness! Congrats!