Monday, July 20, 2009

Just because our lives are not complicated enough...

We have just extended our family! Introducing Roxy!

She's a 16 week old standard poodle puppy and she's just gorgeous! While we have been thinking about it for some time, it all happened a bit spontaneously in the end (typical of us!)- we made the mistake of "just going to have a look", but who could resist her!?

Well, we figure if you are going to live in the country, then you have to have a dog, right?! And what better way to give the neighbours something to talk about than having a poodle on the property!

Speaking of the property, we have spent every weekend there and just adore it! We can't wait to be there full time and we hope to make this happen in the next month or so. It's been bloody cold though, so this little wood heap is already rapidly diminishing!

On the book front, I have received the contract and the full brief (including text) and am ready to get stuck into things. I have to have the first couple of pages completed in the next two weeks for marketing purposes!

So it's busy, busy, busy - as usual!

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Kelly Medina said...

Oh She is adorable. That country picture looks gorgeous! it sounds like things are going great for you - yaya! :)