Sunday, September 6, 2009

Nothing ever goes to plan!

I woke today all pumped up and ready to start the final, hand painted, artwork for my new book. I planned to share a quick post of where this is all up to, when I discovered that my blog had been bombarded with random comments - IN CHINESE! Just when you start to get comfortable with the whole computer world something always seems to bring you down a peg or two.

So I have spent the entire morning checking through my backlog of posts to delete the random spam comments. (I think/hope I got them all!)

It turned out to be a walk down memory lane! I guess that's the amazing thing about blogging. I've never really bothered to check back through my own posts, (I mean why would you?!)but it really is a bit like journal reading.

I feel that my blog has changed a lot since returning to full time work, and I need to make more time for it - I forgot how much I enjoy it!

So here's a few things from previous posts that I hope to get back to sharing in future posts:

ILLUSTRATION FRIDAY: what a great way to get an inspirational break away from current projects)'s a few topics I had particular fun with:




INSPIRATION MONDAYS: I miss this! I have continued to collect things to share with you (and have at least a years worth backed up to get into a format to share with you!)

...Life Drawing....I intended to get back to regular classes this year, but it just didn't happen - if I can find some local classes it might give me a chance to meet some people in the area, as we still don't really know anyone here!

DESIGN PROCESSES: you know - sharing the processes I go through in various projects....I have been documenting the processes of my current new books to share with you once they get into publication. I have always found that sort of thing interesting in other peoples blogs. This post was an exceptionally long version of what I mean!

...writing....goes without saying really, but it's still on the cards....more house stuff - I need to bring some colour and craft into this house!

...never a dull moment, hey?!

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life without novacaine said...

My favorite post of yours is "Stitch" and I am so glad it made it into the path down memory lane list.
Happy belated Birthday to you!
Your country house is amazing! Truly amazing. I cannot believe you drive two and a half hours to work. I certainly hope it is a job that is very fulfilling!
You are very talented and I always love stopping by your blog!

nina seven said...

hey danielle - so nice to hear from you! your work is always so fresh and fun and i'd love to see more of it, but with a full time job and still doing a kids book on the side, i don't know how you will find the time to blog more! good luck with everything!

AstridMueller said...

Hey Danielle,
thanks so much for stopping by on my neglected blog :-) and thanks for your sweet wishes! Your illustrations are amazing, love them :-) best to you too!

Bella Sinclair said...

Wow, you're the first person I've run across who's vowing to spend MORE time blogging. Where do you find all the time?!

Fantastic artwork! I haven't seen most of these Illustration Friday pieces before, but I love them and look forward to seeing more.

And about those Chinese comments? Sorry about that. I'll use English next time. (Just kidding)