Monday, October 26, 2009


Decided to participate in this when I spotted it here. It's all about sharing what's on your beside table. Well, you can see that I don't really have a bedside table as the bed is pushed right up against the wall.

That's my favourite Terance Conran linen we received for our wedding, and I still love it! Needs updating now, but it's such beautiful quality that it's still like new.

Anyway, no bedside tables, but what I do have is these really cute little nooks where I tend to stack up lots of reading material..... and what's a nook, without nick knacks?!

Raymond J has bought me a copy of Into the Wild to read during my China trip (I loved the movie, and have the sound track too!)

This soft toy dates back to my days of working for a plush toy company where I had the great privilege to work with this talented artist to create this gorgeous plush toy. It's always been a bit of a favourite of mine. Her name is Ruby Red Shoes.

I thought I'd finish up with a sneak peek at the view from the bed. Of course the dog is not normally allowed on the bed, but it makes a cute photo!

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Pip Lincolne said...

Is 'Into the Wild' a good book? I haven't even seen the film, but I did see the book in my local bookstore and thought it looked interesting.

Your bedside has some cute guys and ace mags, I think!


Lisa Graves said...

this place looks magnificent! I love your cubbies.

Cloudbusting said...

oooh I love your little nook in the wall, it's whole room is so lovely, and your Ruby Red Shoes is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I love the cute nook!

Gillian said...

Great movie and great book.

Laurie said...

How cool to have a little nook! My cat would probably want to sit in there! :)

Kali said...

love the look of your room. gorgeous bed linen and charming little nooks filled with goodies!

Ange B said...

Hey Danielle,
That bed linen is divine...I worked for a while at Bed Bath N can imagine what a 30% staff discount did to my pay packet...I imagine its 100% cotton? Theres nothing like sleeping in, under and on top of pure cotton...bliss!

Your little cubbies are too cute, Im glad Im not the only adult with cutesy toys...I have a collection of dolls by tiny concept, they are more art dolls but dolls nonetheless.

I love Ruby Red Shoes too...I covet the prints and bed linen, I especially love the quotes she uses on her prints and greeting cards.

So China huh...whereabouts? I went there in 2007 for a month...loved it. We were in regional areas mostly as it was a prize and work trip combined.

Sorry for the long comment...Im at uni waiting for the lecturer to come back from his coffee break...argh!

Take care you...

Danielle McDonald said...

Thanks for all of the great comments. It's a dark little corner, but there's some sort of charm about it. Ange B - thanks for your long note and for keeping in touch. Hope Uni is going well. I will post a bit more about China before I go.

Anonymous said...

Who needs a table when you have a wall like that! Lovely!
I liked Into the Wild quite a bit too. The movie was very well done as well I thought.
Thank you for sharing your bed room.